Local & State Licensing

Local & State Licensing

We are recognized as the “go to” experts when tough licensing problems need solutions.  Our deep knowledge and know-how regarding how local and state authorities license and regulate cannabis and hemp will give you the edge above your competitors.

Local Licensing

Local cannabis and hemp permitting processes are as varied as the hundreds of City and County governments that develop cannabis business and operating rules within their jurisdictions.  ALG Strategies experts will lead you through the maze with our know-how of how local jurisdiction processes work.  We apply this know-how to your advantage so that you meet critical deadlines and obtain your local permit as quickly as possible.

Depending on your local jurisdiction, you may need one or all of the following permits:
• Business License
• Cannabis Operating License
• Cannabis Tax permit
• Conditional Use Permit
• Cannabis Employee Badges

State License

In order to obtain a state license, you must have a property and a local permit first. In many cases we can apply for a state license even before your local permit is issued.  ALG Strategies is expert is obtaining a state license as quickly as possible.

• Cultivation licenses including the required CA Department of Fish and Wildlife permit and the CA Water Resources Control Board “water quality” permit
• Distribution licenses
• Retail and non-storefront retail licenses
• Manufacturing licenses including Type S, Level-1, and Level-2
• Laboratory licenses
• Event Licenses
• Processor licenses