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Cannabis Litigation
In litigation, experience matters. Our litigating attorneys have deep roots in complex legal matters ranging from contract disagreements to government agency processes. We represent clients who are defending their position as a prosecutor or a defendant.

Litigation against cities and local jurisdictions
Litigation against state agencies
Administrative hearings
Contract and other business disputes
Employee disputes

Business Formations
Don’t know where to start? We have you covered. It’s critical to set your business formed and structured properly to protect your investment. Starting off on the right path means fewer disputes down the road.

Entity selection and registration
Governing documents
Finance and capital contribution
Contracts and other transactional agreements
Licensing and management agreements

We are still at the beginning of exponential expansion in the market. Mergers and acquisitions can be a quick way to enter the market, exit the market, or grow your position in the market. Making such a strategic decision is more than just the technical details of the deal, but also knowing the players.

Structured deal consultation
Negotiating purchase and sale agreements
Ownership structure
Securities and equity agreements
Regulatory Compliance
Operating in the cannabis and hemp industries requires staying on top of constantly changing regulations and laws. After investing money, time, and resources you don’t want to have your license suspended or revoked for compliance violations.

Pre-inspection site visits
Full compliance audits
Enforcement action/violation response
Required regulatory notifications
Packaging and labeling review
Marketing and advertising review

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